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"I felt great the next morning, and for the past week, I've been telling all of my friends and family about this incredible product" - Kathy G.

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What are Heal Patches?

An Easy Non-invasive Way to Detox - Detox Pad / Pads

The all-natural dry ingredients in the Heal Patches adhere like a big band aid to the soles of the feet overnight, during which time, the body detoxifies.  When applied, Heal Patches warm up so as to open pores of the skin to draw out and absorb accumulated wastes via the skin under osmotic pressure from the blood and lymph systems.  Depending on the individual, the detox may be for two or three days to two or three weeks, or longer in the case of more severe disease or toxic build up.

The effect of Heal Patches can usually be seen or felt sooner with more acute diseases, sometimes in a few days. It may however require a longer time to see the effect on more chronic diseases like lethargy and fatigue. Heal Patches can take longer to work on some people, especially if they have been on medication for a long time, but if the pad is still dry after use, they can be re-used.

Heal Patches work best when placed on the soles of the feet to enhance blood circulation and improve sleep. They can be used at any time but preferable overnight as you sleep. Socks worn over the foot pad may prevent accidentally kicking them off during sleep.

Potent All-Natural Ingredients

Heal Patches' ingredients include the Agaricus mushroom from the jungles of Brazil. The Agaricus mushroom contains ample amount of Beta Glucans, the major ingredient in natural cancer controlling substances, a steroid that can regulate the increase of cancer cells.

Dry powder in the pad also contains chitosan, bamboo sap, eucalyptus sap from trees over 100 meters, ionic (absorbable) tourmaline minerals that contain negative ions and far infrared ray which resonate with the same long wavelength of water in the body, saururus chenesis which was the first plant to grow at the atomic bomb site in Hiroshima, fermented adjusting starches and other potent plant ingredients.

The dried tree sap in Heal Patches have a strong sterilizing power, detoxification, infiltration and absorption qualities. They can assist in treating many health concerns and disease prevention by reducing toxin levels.

The original Asian study of the health, longevity and natural disease resistance of mature trees deep in forests with no human assistance led to the formulation of the ingredients for the foot pad.

The tree's ability to purify large amounts of ground water through the roots into high quality water transported into the trunk and leaves, as well as harnessing the absorbing and detoxifying power of the wood sap, made the sap a natural ingredient for human use. Tree and bamboo ingredients are processed with heat and then powdered, adding in other beneficial natural ingredients to make convenient detoxifying pad.

Benefits for Other Parts of the Body

Heal Patches can be attached to other pars of the body and acupuncture points, where there are pains, health issues or swelling to remove toxins from the area, but at the same time they should be applied to the sole of the feet as well for maximum detoxification. There may not be as much moisture removed from other parts of the body.

For knee problems, place pad on the back of the knee. For eye problems, place on the back of the ears or on the temple, but not on the eye. For wounds and bruising (excluding cuts and eyes) Heal Patches can be used to help reduce inflammation and pain on the affected parts. Apply pad on either side of the spine or on the back of the neck underneath the ears, but above the lymph nodes for mouth disorder or ear problems.

USA FDA Lab Certification

Our foot patches were tested and certified safe and with non detectable heavy metals by USA FDA lab certification and Texas Department of Health (FSNS) in November 2002. ; USDA ACCREDITED #4882, #4890


How do Heal Patches work?

How to use the patches

Heal Patches are non-invasive foot patches and can be used in conjunction with other procedures. They are applied to the soles of the feet and can also be used on other parts of the body including palms of the hands, acupuncture points, and over swelling, sore or painful areas. Many people say they experiment on where the foot patches can be placed, depending on what issues they have to deal with.

Bamboo sap

All-natural dry powdered ingredients are inside the patches. The pads are placed intact on the adhesive plaster that comes in the pack. They are adhered like a big band-aid to wherever you choose to put them. Heal Patches can be used at any time but preferably while sleeping as the body shuts down to detoxify and rejuvenate overnight. Break the clear seal that contains two patches and apply patches just before getting into bed . Ideally, leave them on for eight to twelve hours for maximum effect.

Many people rotate two patches on the feet each night, starting with the ball of their feet the first night, the arch the second night, the heel the third night, then back to the ball of the foot to compare what comes out. If in a hurry, three foot patches on each foot can be applied overnight. Use from one to a maximum of six foot patches at any one time. If applying patches to other parts of the body, still put one or more on both feet. Socks worn over the foot pads may prevent accidentally kicking them off the feet during sleep. Do not place patches over the eyes or broken skin.

Before and after

Foot patches before and after

In the morning, remove the patches and check for changes. Patches may range from being light brown to dark brown and wet, to near black and soaking with a foul smell in more extreme circumstances. It depends on the individual but expect to see vivid results with your own eyes. Remove the wet used patches after sleep and discard them. If patches are still dry after use, they can be re-used. First time users tend to have more extreme results with patches.

Progressively, the patches may dry off. Unused patches can then be left in the box for another time. Some people apply new foot pads for three consecutive nights, others for three weeks and some for months. Some people apply a few foot patches every couple of months as a preventative maintenance.

Ingredients: Tourmaline mineral, Bamboo Vinegar, Siberian Ginseng, Achyranthis Radix, Paeoniae Rubrae Radix, Artemisia Lwayomogi, Caragana sinica, Platicodon grandiflorum.

Over four million boxes of foot pads are sold each month, mostly in Asia.

More Information about Heal Patches

Heal Patches contain 20% Tourmaline a semi-precious gem stone in the form of an ionic absorbable mineral that emits electromagnetic radiation in the far infrared region, at the same long wavelength of water in the body (wavelength 4-14 microns).

Studies in Japan revealed that exposure to Tourmaline significantly increased the concentration of calcium ion and the body's ability to engulf foreign materials that it encounters.

Bamboo vinegar is another major ingredient in Heal Patches. When dehydrated, the vinegar consists of 200 different components. It is a rich source of mineral and trace elements.

Ingredients in Heal Patches include a range of plants and herbs that are widely used in Chinese medicine. Heal Patches are free of starch fillers.

Toxic Accumulation can lead to Disease

Hundreds of thousands of chemicals have been invented since the Second World War. Adults have around 400 to 800 man-made chemicals lodged in their bodies. Normal healthy body elimination processes do not remove all these foreign chemicals. Foods, drinks, polluted air, medications, stress, metabolism, disease, products applied to skin, sprays, dust, synthetics, home and workplace chemicals all contribute to the body's toxic overload. They accumulate daily and build up over years setting up the internal environment favorable to disease.

The body is equipped with a natural immunity that has evolved over countless centuries. To be able to effectively resist disease, it first needs to reach a cellular balance between excretion of toxins and absorption of nutrients, water and oxygen.

Toxins Accumulate in Extremities, Furthest from the Heart

For centuries, Eastern medical study holds the view that due to gravity, toxins go downwards in the body and accumulate from the tips of the toes to the ankles. Toxins tend to sink to the lower part of the body during the day and accumulate around the feet. The feet are at the extremities from the heart, and the heart has the difficult job of pumping blood carrying toxins back up to itself, the kidneys, lungs, liver and also out through the skin for detoxifying the body.  Poor blood circulation brings many problems including the accumulation of fluids and toxins in the area around the ankles and feet.  Eastern medicine also understands that toxic accumulation leads to many degenerative diseases.

There is also an Eastern belief that aging comes from the foot. The feet are considered as important as a "second heart" and an abbreviated version of the body with 62 acupuncture points on the soles of the feet. Each point relates to an organ in the body. In foot Reflexology and Eastern Medicine, the top third of the foot relates to the organs in the top third of the body, the arch relates to the organs in the center of the body and the heel to the organs in the lower third of the body.

Toxins are kept furthest from the heart to accumulate in extremities of feet and hands. The heart has the job of providing life support by pumping blood. Blood carries nutrients, water and oxygen to every cell and then carries out toxins from cells to the kidneys, lungs, liver and skin for processing and excretion. Not all chemicals, acids and toxins leave the body, even if it is healthy.



"I'm 69 years old and have been suffering with the gout in my right foot for over 5 years.  I've tried everything, including the "solid gold" shots, with no relief.  My daughter brought me Heal Patches and after the 4th day, I was walking without pain and my ankle had returned to normal size.  It was easy to tell that the patches were working because every morning when I took them off, they were black and gooey.  I'm so amazed!! - I have a life again."

Janet D.

"I was bitten by a Brown Recluse spider, and my hand and arm was on fire and very swollen.  The third day after the bite, a friend of my wife's recommended that I try Heal Patches, and we placed the pad over the bite.  The next morning my fingers had returned to normal size, and the pad was purple and green.  After the second night of using the patches, my fever was gone and after the third night, all the evidence and symptoms of the bite were gone."

Ray L.

"I was recently in Indonesia and ate something that must have been undercooked or contaminated.  I had severe diarrhea for three days, lost 27 pounds, and my neighbor brought me the patches and put them on my feet.  The next morning, they were a thick dark brown color, oozing with toxins that had been pulled from my stomach meridian.  The second morning, my symptoms were gone, and I felt much better.  I continued using the patches until they were clean in the mornings just to make sure that I was fully detoxified.

Kate K.

"A while back I noticed that I couldn't bend my toes on my left foot. Standing on my foot, my toes were so thick, sometimes swollen and so close together that there was no gap and I couldn't see the floor. Also my veins on my left leg were poking out like jellybeans.  I ordered the Heal Patches and applied the patches as suggested. I was horrified what I saw the next morning after I had the patches removed. Two days later my toes showed shape and I could see the floor. I felt lighter and kept using the patches till it was cleared up. My jellybeans veins had almost gone too.

I've also applied the patches on shoulders and neck with good results. One day I had a very sharp pain near my left breast and I felt something like a knot. I put two patches under my armpit and towards the breast. It looked YUK the next morning and the knot was gone. Being diagnosed with IBS I tried it on the painful spot, but the pad was clear the next morning, so, I could use the pad again. I worked out that when I use three patches under each foot every second day I'm doing wonderful and I'm more energetic.

The patches should be in every household, especially when people live in polluted cities."

With friendly greetings,

Loriann L.



What are they? How do they work? HOME Testimonials Click Here to Order

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